Why doesn't the app look like what I see in some videos?

Why doesn't the app look like what I see in some videos?

You are likely seeing the beta version of the app which was released in early 2020. This version is no longer available.

If you are wondering how to set your intention in the new app, you were never actually meant to type it in! This was not recognized as input in the old app and did nothing. You were always meant to set your intention in your mind (see "How do I set an intention?")!

If you find that writing down your intentions is useful to your manifestation practice, paper or a notes app would work just as well.

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    • Why can't the app see my location?

      Make sure you have the latest version. Make sure your phone's location is turned on. Try opening Google Maps and make sure it sees your location then reopen Randonautica
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    • The app is not working.

      We are still a small team of enthusiasts, and may not always have the capacity to handle heavy traffic on the app. This is the most common cause of issues. Please try again later, and if errors persist, please submit a report in the app.
    • Does the app work in my country?

      Yes! The app works worldwide. If you are having trouble downloading the app however, you may wish to try using a VPN.
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