Why does generating a point cost money now?

Why does generating a point cost money now?

When we launched the first version of Randonautica in January 2020, it was free and unlimited for all randonauts. We did not experience many issues with this and were able to maintain and sustain the app with just donations and merchandise sales.

However, in March 2020, our servers crashed, and the app was down for about 2 weeks before we were able to pay for a server upgrade. It was no longer possible for us to sustain the app on donations and merchandise sales alone.

Since then, we have revised our payment model a few times, and we are currently working to build an even better model which supports both randonauts and Randonautica. We will always honour your previous purchases if needed.

Please email us at support@randonauts.com if this is the case.
Thanks to your support, we are able to:
  1. Pay for our servers
  2. Keep Randonautica ad-free
  3. Pay our developers
  4. Continue to improve Randonautica
  5. Provide features, such as enhanced map view, not charging for points on water, etc., freely for all randonauts
  6. ‚ÄčPay legal experts as needed to assist with Terms and Conditions, etc.

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