What is a blind spot? Why can’t I just walk randomly without an app?

What is a blind spot? Why can’t I just walk randomly without an app?

If your goal is to find completely new places that you didn't know about before, you should take into account the inherent determinism of the macro-world. Any decision that we make, as a rule, is the result of certain associations and logical processes, whether conscious or subconscious.
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    • The app says “There isn’t a truly anomalous experience in your radius. Try again momentarily”.

      If you are trying to generate IDAs (Intent-Driven Anomalies), such as Attractors or Voids, it may happen that not a single anomaly is found. This is normal since, in a random distribution, we will not always find clusters or empty spaces. nTry a ...
    • The app keeps sending me to private property, what should I do?

      Enjoy the journey to as close as you can get to the destination without trespassing. Observe the surroundings as closely as you are comfortable with. As a user of the app, you must abide by state and local private property laws.
    • The app is not working.

      We are still a small team of enthusiasts, and may not always have the capacity to handle heavy traffic on the app. This is the most common cause of issues. Please try again later, and if errors persist, please submit a report in the app.
    • How does the app generate locations?

      For everything except Pseudorandom blind spots, a very long string of quantum random numbers is fetched from the quantum random number generator at Australian National University (http://qrng.anu.edu.au/). This very long string of random numbers is ...
    • Is this the official Randonautica App?

      Yes, it is! Starting as a small group of curious explorers, the randonauts have exploded into a global phenomenon, exploring the most hidden corners of reality and sharing their findings with an international audience united by their curiosity and ...