Why do some people think that criminals use the app to find unsuspecting Randonauts?

Why do some people think that criminals use the app to find unsuspecting Randonauts?

This is a myth! Similarly to Pokemon Go, where many people thought that the app could be used by people with ill intentions to take advantage of users. Unlike Pokemon Go, the coordinates from Randonautica are totally random and only the user who generated the point has the precise coordinates.

It is very important to use situational awareness while randonauting, as it is when exploring anywhere in the real world. Do not go anywhere where you feel uncomfortable or that you know has a high rate of criminal activity. Do not go alone if you do not feel safe doing so. Do not go at night if you do not feel safe doing so. 

The app only gives you random locations. You are the only person who has these coordinates, no one else.  You do not have to go there. The responsibility to stay safe is your own!

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      We are still a small team of enthusiasts, and may not always have the capacity to handle heavy traffic on the app. This is the most common cause of issues. Please try again later, and if errors persist, please submit a report in the app.