How does the Skip Water Points add-on work?

How does the Skip Water Points add-on work?

For everyone, if your point is detected to be on a body of water, you will not be charged for that point. However, if you live near water, you may find that your points are appearing on the water more often than not. In this case, you may wish to purchase the Skip Water Points add-on, which will skip all water points entirely, and continue searching for points which are not on water. Once you have purchased the add-on, you may toggle the setting on or off in Settings (just in case one day you're up for a bit of a swim).
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    • Does the app work in my country?

      Yes! The app works worldwide. If you are having trouble downloading the app however, you may wish to try using a VPN.
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      Welcome to RANDONAUTICA, a real-world adventure game which uses quantum entropy to randomize and output coordinates for the user to journey to. RANDONAUTICA offers a reality driven experience after the user has derived coordinates within the app ...
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      When we launched the first version of Randonautica in January 2020, it was free and unlimited for all randonauts. We did not experience many issues with this and were able to maintain and sustain the app with just donations and merchandise sales. ...