How does the app generate locations?

How does the app generate locations?

For everything except Pseudorandom blind spots, a very long string of quantum random numbers is fetched from the quantum random number generator at Australian National University (

This very long string of random numbers is converted by our system to a series of (x,y) coordinates. These are plotted onto a flat, circular plane which represents your selected radius (this is simply a circle, it contains no information about the world around you). For the average search radius, approximately 10 000 of these coordinates are plotted.

For Quantum Blind Spots, one of these coordinates is chosen at random and is presented to you on the map.

Pseudorandom Blind Spots do not use the quantum random numbers from ANU, but are instead generated via algorithmic means (hence pseudorandom number generation, not “true” randomness).

For Anomalies, analysis is performed in order to find patterns in the random distribution of coordinates. In a truly random distribution, we would expect the coordinates to fall more or less evenly across the plane. However, sometimes odd patterns are found which significantly deviate from this expected distribution. We call these Anomalies:

Attractor anomalies are dense clusters of points in the distribution, as if something has attracted the coordinates to that area. A smaller, more dense attractor is considered stronger than one that is less dense and/or larger.

Void anomalies are the opposite of attractors: areas strangely devoid of points, as if they are avoiding something. A larger, more empty void is considered stronger than one that has more coordinates in it, or is a smaller area.

You will also notice that Anomalies have a radius - this is because, as stated above, they are areas, not single coordinates. Explore around the entire radius if it is safe and accessible to do so!

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