How do I set an intention?

How do I set an intention?

Just think about what you want to find and generate a point. The thought process itself should influence the generation process, therefore it is not necessary to enter an intention into the app.
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    • Comment définir une intention?

      Pensez simplement à ce que vous voulez trouver et générer un point. Le processus de pensée lui-même devrait influencer le processus de génération, il n'est donc pas nécessaire d'entrer une intention dans l'application.
    • How do I set a custom location? (Randonautica PRO)

      As a Pro subscriber, you can now set a custom location anywhere on the map. To do so, use two fingers to pan anywhere on the map (even across the world). Then, long press on any location to set your starting point and begin your adventure!
    • Why doesn't the app look like what I see in some videos?

      You are likely seeing the beta version of the app which was released in early 2020. This version is no longer available. If you are wondering how to set your intention in the new app, you were never actually meant to type it in! This was not ...
    • Est-ce destiné à être fait seul(e) ou avec des gens?

      Quelle que soit la façon dont vous vous sentez à l'aise, c'est bien. Si vous vous sentez plus en sécurité avec un groupe, aller avec un groupe! Si vous utilisez l'application avec intention, essayez de faire en sorte que tout le groupe se concentre ...
    • What does a monthly PRO subscription give me? (Randonautica PRO)

      As a Pro Randonaut, you will have access to: -The ability to set a custom location: set a different starting point no matter where you currently are. Want to find an anomaly near your childhood home? In your best friend's neighbourhood, across the ...