How do I set a custom location? (Randonautica PRO)

How do I set a custom location? (Randonautica PRO)

As a Pro subscriber, you can now set a custom location anywhere on the map. To do so, use two fingers to pan anywhere on the map (even across the world). Then, long press on any location to set your starting point and begin your adventure!
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    • What does a monthly PRO subscription give me? (Randonautica PRO)

      As a Pro Randonaut, you will have access to: -The ability to set a custom location: set a different starting point no matter where you currently are. Want to find an anomaly near your childhood home? In your best friend's neighbourhood, across the ...
    • How do I cancel a Pro Subscription?

      As all purchases are made via the purchase vendors, they must also be cancelled via the purchase vendors, these being either the iOS App Store or the Android Google Play Store. Here is some more information on how to cancel subscriptions via the App ...
    • Why can't the app see my location?

      Make sure you have the latest version. Make sure your phone's location is turned on. Try opening Google Maps and make sure it sees your location then reopen Randonautica
    • The app is not detecting my location/is giving me an error message that says to turn on my location.

      If you have already confirmed that your location services are turned on, and you have granted the app access to location while using the app, please make sure that the app is updated to the latest version. If that does not help, please try opening up ...
    • I went to the location and didn't find anything.

      Randonautica is a random location generator which knows no information about the real world, and so there is no guarantee to find anything significant every time. Sometimes you just end up taking a walk and that's it! Randonauts who are less attached ...